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Culver's in Macedonia was great with my child's allergies.  The man who took our order entered the allergy information along with the order. He communicated with the "chef" and both talked with me. We will definitely go back there again!

Shuhei Restaurant

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Our family recently enjoyed a birthday celebration in a separate dining area at Shuhei Restaurant in Beachwood. They were very accommodating to our nut, milk and egg allergies.  When making the reservation, our needs were clearly stated.  Upon arrival, we spoke to the chef, manager and our waitress. They allowed us to bring in our own birthday [...]

Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream, University Heights

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We have had an amazing experience at Ben and Jerrys in university heights. Our children have nut and peanut allergies. Whenever we go, the scooper opens a fresh box of ice cream for us and uses a fresh utensil. We couldn’t be happier. Some other local places don’t make this kind of effort for ice [...]

Dairy Queen, Lyndhurst

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Dairy Queen has been great for our nut and peanut allergies. We always mention the allergies, and they take care not to put our order near the nuts. The machine only has chocolate and vanilla flavors. FYI, they make and package their own ice cream bars and cakes there, so the employee there said that [...]

Maggiano’s at Beachwood Place

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We eat at Maggiano’s all the time and they are great! The chef comes to the table to discuss the food options and takes the order of the individual(s) with the allergies. They are very accommodating and friendly. They always make my son very special and we enjoy eating there. We have had similar experiences [...]

Mitchell’s Ice Cream

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The workers at Mitchell’s Ice Cream (Rocky River & Beachwood) are always very accommodating of my nut allergy. I always tell them I have an allergy right away and with no hesitation, they will go to the back for a new scooper. They will also scoop your ice cream from a brand new container.

Jekyll’s Kitchen in Chagrin Falls

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Our family had a great experience at Jekyll’s Kitchen in Chagrin Falls and Chef Alan was quite helpful.  The restaurant was able to cook safely for our child with Egg and Dairy allergies and all it took was a call during a non-peak time for the Chef to get on the phone.  The process was [...]

Munch in Solon

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My son is allergic to dairy so we went there one day to try knowing they had vegan options available. The owners were so incredibly helpful and went over all the safe foods. When he ended up choosing a sandwich, they realized they didn’t have the bread label to review so they substituted out the [...]

Lyndhurst Grill (formerly J. Alexander’s)

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Lyndhurst Grill (formerly J. Alexander's) in Landerbrook is excellent at accommodating allergies.  I have a gluten and lactose allergy and my friend's daughter has a severe tree nut allergy and we have both eaten there successfully.  The manager always comes to the table and sometimes even the chef. They will even cook food on foil [...]

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